Secret Smoker - "Dark Clouds" LP

Second Release from Baton Rouge's Secret Smoker! Follow up to their 2013 "Terminal Architecture" Lp released on Adagio830/Protagonist Music.Vid. Out in Fall 2018!

BiteMarks - "Sucia" SS 12"

First vinyl release from Gainesville's BiteMarks! Single Sided 12" on Pink vinyl, silked screened B-side. Available now for Pre-Order! Raging female fronted punk. Folks were formerly in bands such as Asshole Parade, Palatka and True North. Bandcamp site:BANDCAMP. Buy vinyl here: $$BITEMARKS$$.

Die Hoffnung - "Elegies and Creation Songs" LP

die Hoffnung's posthumous Elegies and Creation Songs lp is available now on Belladonna Records! die Hoffnung features Jim and Jon Marburger formerly of I Hate Myself/Burnman and Travis Fristoe formerly of Moonraker/Reactionary 3/True Feedback Story. Elegies and Creation Songs is the follow up to die Hoffnung's "Love Songs" cd on No Idea Records released in 2006. This Lp continues the sound of "Love Songs" and is a mix of technical punk in the vein of Bastro/Shellac/Minutemen and slow burn epics channeling Codeine/I Hate Myself. On white vinyl. Includes CD of bonus songs only available with a purchase of the vinyl. Their BANDCAMP PAGE. The record can be purchased here: $$DIE HOFFNUNG LP$$.