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    OUT NOW!!! Nordsind - Lys LP

    Super proud to be involved in the first full length release by Denmarks Nordsind! Nordsind is a post rock/post metal band from Denmark.
    This is a follow-up to their incredible "Efterar" 12" that came out in 2018 on Dingleberry/Tim Tam/Oakleaf Records.
    They play post rock which works on "tension between quieter passages and heavier parts" which boarders on post metal and hardcore
    In the vein of bands like "We Lost The Sea" and "God Speed You Black Emperor" with some "Elfin Epic Metal" mixed in.....
    Lp and CD available in the US at the BELLADONNA SHOP. Bandcamp site: BANDCAMP

    AssholeParade - "Demo 2020" Cassette

    This is AP's first release in about 9 years. The first run of 100 of these cassettes has sold out! We are doing a 2 run of (100) cassettes with a different color on the cover.
    The second run of the will be on a translucent red shell with a white imprint. It should look very cool.
    The cassette can be purchased through the BANDCAMP site or through the Belladonna Shop. This was recorded in the Fall of 2019 and is
    awesome! 7 songs including a terrific G-ANX cover. Check it out!

    OUT NOW!!! Bubble Jug - "Discography" LP

    We're super excited to announce of the release of the Bubble Jug "Discography" LP! Bubble Jug was a band
    active in the early ninety's. They evoke the early years of emotional hardcore while still having relevance in todays punk rock scene.
    The discography includes an Lp of their split 12"s with The Vestpocket Psalm and Kidskin Conduction. Additionally, the download includes
    their Demo Tape, a compilation song, and both split 12"s. A download code for everything will is included with the
    Lp. Bandcamp site: BANDCAMP

    PeZ - "World Within Skin" 12"

    PeZ's 1st vinyl release!! World Within Skin 12" is a single sided 12" on clear vinyl with a laser etched B-side
    and a screen printed double fold cover. We are REALLY excited about how this turned out!
    Bandcamp site: BANDCAMP! PeZ has FMO Frameworks (Luke the singer
    and Cory the bassist). Order the record here $$PeZ - WORLD WITHIN SKIN$$ includes a digital download code.

    125 Rue Montmartre - "Discography" LP REPRESS!!!

    We've nearly sold out of the first press of this LP on black vinyl so we decided to do a
    limited repress on "Coke Bottle Clear" vinyl. Came out looking more like clear vinyl with green swirls,
    and this is even nicer. This is a collaboration with Thirty Something Records out of Germany! The band was been
    active 1999 - 2001 and recorded some truely great songs mixing shoegaze, punk, emotional hardcore and noise
    with haunting vocals from Kerstin Lienen. Limited to 100 pressed for the US and 100 for Europe.
    Order the record here $$125, Rue Montmartre - Discography Lp$$ includes a digital download code.

    LAPeCHE - "Spirit Bunnies" 7"

    SOLD OUT!!! Stoked to announce the release of the "Spirit Bunnies" 7" by the Brooklyn,
    NY band LAPeCHE in collaboration with my good friend Rich at Bakery Outlet Records! LAPeCHE is releasing this EP in
    time for the several shows they will be playing with Jawbox in July. LAPeCHE features folks from Twelve Hour Turn,
    Small Brown Bike, Argentina, True North and Asshole Parade. Bandcamp site: BANDCAMP

    Secret Smoker - "Dark Clouds" LP

    AVAILABLE NOW! Second Release from Baton Rouge's Secret Smoker! Follow up to their
    2013 "Terminal Architecture" Lp released on Adagio830/Protagonist Music.Vid. Order the record
    here $$SECRET SMOKER$$ and get a digital download code emailed to you! 300 pressed. 200 clear vinyl and
    100 in clear with blue splatter! Bandcamp site:BANDCAMP.

    BiteMarks - "Sucia" SS 12"

    First vinyl release from Gainesville's BiteMarks! Single Sided 12" on Pink vinyl, silked
    screened B-side. Raging female fronted punk. Folks were formerly in bands such as Asshole Parade, Palatka and
    True North. Bandcamp site:BANDCAMP. Buy vinyl here: $$BITEMARKS$$.

    Die Hoffnung - "Elegies and Creation Songs" LP

    die Hoffnung's posthumous Elegies and Creation Songs lp is available now on Belladonna Records!
    die Hoffnung features Jim and Jon Marburger formerly of I Hate Myself/Burnman and Travis Fristoe formerly of
    Moonraker/Reactionary 3/True Feedback Story. Elegies and Creation Songs is the follow up to die Hoffnung's "Love Songs" cd
    on No Idea Records released in 2006. This Lp continues the sound of "Love Songs" and is a mix of technical punk in the vein
    of Bastro/Shellac/Minutemen and slow burn epics channeling Codeine/I Hate Myself. On white vinyl. Includes CD of bonus
    songs only available with a purchase of the vinyl. Their BANDCAMP PAGE. The record can be purchased here: $$DIE HOFFNUNG LP$$.